Flower Injection Tape in Human Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Human Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Human Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Human Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Human Hair
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Youngsee Hair

[Buy 1 Get 1 Free] Flower Injection Tape in Human Hair Extensions Dark Brown #4 |Youngsee

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Length: 22"
Weight (20-30 pcs for a full head): 5PCS 25G

Description of Flower Injection Tape ins

Flower injection tape in hair extensions refer to a type of tape in hair extensions that feature a decorative element in the form of a flower design. These extensions are designed with a unique tape attachment method that incorporates a floral pattern, adding a touch of elegance and style to your hair. It has huge-width tape, 2 times the width of regular virgin tape-ins. Because it has a larger contact surface with your hair, it sticks very firmly, Won't slip off easily. When installing hair extensions, installing one flower injection tape in hair is equivalent to installing two classic tape ins, which will save more time. It works best in combination with classic injection tape ins, classic injection tape ins can be installed in places with small head circumference, and flower injection tape ins can be installed in places with relatively large head circumference.
HAIR TYPE: Virgin Injection Tape in Hair Extensions 
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown #4
14''-16'' 4g/piece| 5 Pcs/Pack| 20G
18''-24'' 5g/piece| 5 Pcs/Pack| 25G
HAIR LENGTH: 14"-24" 
HAIR SETTING:  Can be washed, dyed, cut, styled and curled
HAIR TEXTURE: Natural straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to air dry or diffused.
injection strip bond, inject hair into the pu by machine.
TAPE SIZE: 0.8 cm * 8 cm
LIFESPAN: 6-12 months

Minimum 4-6 packs

Medium Hair 7-9 packs

Thick Hair 10-11 packs


Features of Flower Injection Tape ins

  • Longer Lifespan: Ethically sourced 100% virgin human hair. Can last a full year with proper care.
  • Cost-effective: Invisible Tape-Ins can be reused up to 3x, saving your time and money.
  • Unique & Eye-Catching Design: The tapes feature a distinctive floral pattern, adding a unique and eye-catching element to your hair. The decorative design stands out, allowing you to showcase your individual style and creativity.
  • Confidence Boost: The petal shaped tapes can enhance your confidence by adding a unique and decorative touch to your hair. They allow you to express your personal style and make a statement, elevating your overall look and creating a sense of self-assurance.

tape ins on regular vs. injection vs. flower

About Tape in Extensions

There are 2 different types of virgin tape in extensions in YoungSee: Regular Tape ins & Injection Tape ins. The latter are more invisible and thinner.

Warm tips: It is recommended to replace the tape every 4-6 weeks. And buy 20+ pieces of hair to get a free piece of replacement tape.

regular tape ins

injection tape ins

replacement tape 

How to Apply Injection Tape ins

The application process involves sandwiching a section of your natural hair between two tape-in extensions, with the adhesive sides facing each other. 

    how to apply tape ins some notes after installation of tape ins


    Do you know how to choose the length of hair extensions? The image below shows the before and after of wearing hair extensions and the conversion between inches and centimeters. If you don't know which size is right for you, you can refer to the picture below.

    Youngsee hair extensions hair length guide

     Tips : Curled styles can look more natural to blend well when styling it, control the temperature at 320°F-390°F.

    Add volume to your hair in minutes

    How to choose hair length



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    How to care hair extensions


    1. Brushing

    Get an extension brush. This is vital, you will literally rip your head of hair out if you try and brush them continuously with a normal brush, so seriously get one, they are only about $15 and worth every cent.

    2. Roots

    This is brushing continued you could say - because it is hella important to never brush your roots. Why? Because this is where your extensions are bonded to your head and you will damage them and potentially pull them out if you brush them. Instead, finger your hands through the roots to keep them from tangling and then hold your hair in a fist just under your ear and then brush the ends. By holding your hair you are taking pressure off the bonds, therefore, keeping them tight.

    how to brush your hair extensions

    3. Shampoo

    Choose a natural or extension friendly shampoo. Stay away from any shampoo with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) as this often damages and corrodes the bonds.

    4. Washing

    When in the shower, turn the temperature to cold just before you get out and give your hair a blast of the cold shower, this will help keep your bonds once again nice and tight and close your pores too. *NEVER wash your hair over the bath as all the bonds will tangle. Always wash your hair standing up.Wash the hair with mild conditioning and shampoo in warm water, 2-3 times every week.

    Washing hair extensions tips

    Washing hair tips: 1.Run a comb through your hair before washing 2.Be careful not to rub or twist your hair 3.Apply conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo


    5. Drying

    Always fully dry your bonds, you can leave the ends dry naturally if you want, but it is very important to keep the roots bone dry. Another tip is to put your hair dryer on the cold setting, as it is once again, you guessed it, better for the bonds.

    How to dry your hair extensions

    6. At night

    When sleeping, a very good tip I learned is to plait your hair before you go to bed, not only does this give your hair a fab beachy wave when you wake up, but it also keeps your hair from tangling. Success.

    can I sleep with hair extensions?

    8.Store Your Extensions

    When you’re not wearing your luxuries, store them away properly. L for P sells cute storage bags that can be hung in your closet. This will protect the hair from tangling up or getting mixed up with your belongings. The storage bag is also great for traveling.

    Youngsee hair care tips dust proof bag

    9. Hair spray or styling

    Hairspray is OK, just remember to properly wash it out the next day!

    The temperature during the crimping or straightening process needs to be lower than 180℃.

    can i style my hair extensions?

    10. Itching

    When you get a new set of extensions, especially your first set ever, it is normal for them to feel a little itchy. Often it's just your head getting used to them and sometimes it could be because you need to give them a wash. Obviously, if itching persists, go to your hair technician but usually, it is normal!

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