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How to make your hair less greasy?

Have you been fighting greasy hair? Do you often feel distressed because of greasy hair, please do not give up. How to change your hair type from "greasy" to "normal"....

Have you been fighting greasy hair? Do you often feel distressed because of greasy hair, please do not give up. How to change your hair type from "greasy" to "normal". This is the method.

 1.Reduce the use of shampoo

    It may sound strange, but the more times you wash your hair, the greasier the grease. Shampoo can remove oil from the hair, but it will produce more oil. Excessive shampooing will result in more oil. So for you to reduce the generation of grease, you should reduce the number of times you wash your hair

It is recommended that you try to reduce the number of cleanings to once every two to three days. Some even recommend limiting the shampoo to twice a week.                                                           

2.Use clarified shampoo

The reduction in the number of shampoos means you need to wash your hair thoroughly every time. The clarified shampoo can solve the problem well, and wash away product deposits and any other odors that stick to the lock. Remember, clarifying shampoo is very effective, so use it at most twice a week

When choosing a more traditional shampoo, avoid using products that make your hair look "smooth." Choose shampoos that look translucent instead of creamy.

3. Adjust the correct water temperature

  Water temperature also affects the health and greasiness of hair. Too much hot water is wrong because it dries out the hair and scalp, causing more oil. The best way is to start with warm water first because it will open your cuticle and clean it, then switch to cold water to turn off the cuticle again.



4.Try to treat your hair

    Everyone should get treatment from time to time, and your hair is no exception. The perfect care of hair is a kind of care. Here are some products, including some common around the house, that can be used to help remove excess oil from your hair.

    Apple cider vinegar is known for its innate ability to restore scalp pH. Schwarzkopf recommends diluting apple cider vinegar to a 1:8 solution and pouring it into the hair. Not only can it improve the overall quality of your hair clips, but it is also much cheaper than manufactured hair care.

    Baking soda can remove oil from the hair. Jennifer David, a dermatologist in Northfield, New Jersey, recommends mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1/4 cup of warm water, applying it to wet hair, letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. However, this operation should not exceed once or twice a week.

    If you are using baby powder without talc, he can help absorb excess sebum from the roots.

    Another effective product is sea salt, which absorbs sebum like a sponge, making it easier for your hair to style between shampoos.

   These products are the saviour of hairstyles and can help you reduce the greasiness of your hair, making it easier.

5.Eat green food

 The most important thing for conditioning the body is diet, the fact is that regular consumption of greasy food will make your hair greasy. 

Fruits, vegetables and a lot of water are the most critical ingredients for conditioning endocrine, especially oily hair. Adding foods rich in vitamin B2 and B6 to the diet, such as seaweed and green leafy vegetables, will help reduce sebum production.Kale, spinach or kelp can solve the problem well.


6.Change your shape

  If you are unwilling to spend too much time conditioning and reducing hair oil, and want to hide oil quickly, the following methods may help you

  The heat generated by the blow dryer can help dry some excess sebum. Please be careful not to use too much heat to avoid damaging your hair.

  The flatter the hair on the head, the more contact with the oil. kes! However, curly hair can cover up the greasy feeling of hair.

  When your hair feels particularly smooth, there are many perfect hairstyles for those days. Whether you want to try buns or fishtails, mastering some simple styling techniques will better help you through this transition period.


No way can be quick, I hope you can be more patient and patient, spend more energy to improve your lifestyle, health and beauty coexist, I hope this article can bring you to hope and change, let us together On the road to beauty. SEE MORE

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