Virgin K Tip

Youngsee K Tip is an upgraded version of our Flat Tip and U Tip, also a pre-bonded hair extension method. The keratin tip resembles a "V" shape, hence it is also referred to as V Tip. It is highly suitable for those seeking more permanent hair extensions, delivering a natural look.

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I Tip vs K Tip

  • Virgin I Tip extensions are suitable for individuals with minimal hair volume and soft, fine hair texture. They offer two installation methods: hot fusion and cold fusion. The cold fusion method does not damage the hair, and with proper care, these extensions can be reused.
  • Virgin k Tip Hair Extensions are very suitable for busy fashionable people because it require less daily maintenance. It is safe, stable, long-lasting, and gives a natural hair extension effect.
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What is I tip hair extensions? I Tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a tip, and it can also be connected to cold and...

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