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Can You Wear Hair Extensions While Sleeping?

If you don't need a wig, but want to make your hair look longer and thicker, hair extensions are your best choice. They can add instant volume and length to your...

If you don't need a wig, but want to make your hair look longer and thicker, hair extensions are your best choice. They can add instant volume and length to your own hair. You may be wondering can you sleep with extension? How to wear hair extensions while sleeping? We will talk about this question in the article.

Can You Wear Hair Extensions While Sleeping?

To find out if you can sleep with hair extensions, check out the list below, it covers several major types of hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

The clips may be entangled with your natural hair. So you should not wear clip-in extensions while sleeping. It can become a mess in the morning and it takes a few hours to resolve. Also, clips will make press to your head.

Because clip-in hair extensions are very easy to remove and re-install, there is no reason to sleep with these extensions. Take off the extensions before going to bed and install it again in the morning. This way, your clips will always be in perfect condition and last longer.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Since keratin hair extension is attached with the most natural hot fusion method, the extensions won’t break or suffer any damage while sleeping. So you can sleep with keratin hair extensions.

These extensions are known as semi-permanent methods. Which means that you can wear them for a long time without taking them off. Just be sure to brush them with wide brush the next morning.

Tape-in Hair Extension

Tape in hair extension is also a semi-permanent hair extension, so you can you can wear them while sleeping. The tape is soft and very thin so you won’t feel any discomfort while sleeping.

Like keratin hair, the hot fusion method ensures a long-lasting appearance. Just make sure you get a higher quality tape and you won't fall off when you fall asleep.

I Tip hair extension

Unlike the keratin hair extension and the tape-in extension, the stick extension does not require any heat. You might think this affects sleep, but you are wrong. As long as the twisted wire is properly installed, you can sleep with i tip hair extensions.

How To Sleep In Hair Extensions With Less Damage?

Since we can't control how we sleep, we have to fix the hair extension so that we don't get entangled the next morning and can last longer.

1. Braid Your Hair

For most long hair, the best way to sleep with hair extension is braiding your hair. Braid hair can reduce friction and make your hair smooth.

2. Sleep Cap

The sleep cap can protect the hair at night because it limits hair movement. When your hair moves less at night, the friction will be less, and the tangle will be less.

3. Use Stain Pillowcase

The satin pillowcase prevents hair loss and reduces friction due to its smooth surface. In addition, satin pillowcases keep your hair hydrated and help keep your hair shiny while you sleep.

4. Make a Bun Or A Ponytail

The buns will keep your hair in place while you sleep and prevent it from tangling or damaging the extensions.

Tips For Caring Hair Extensions

*Never fall asleep with wet or even wet hair. Since it will increase entanglement, it will cause extinction in the worst case, so before going to sleep, you must ensure that the hair extension is 100% dry.

*If you are in a hurry at night and want to go to bed immediately after washing your hair, blow your hair with minimal heat.

* Also, use a thermal protectant to avoid damaging your hair. Because heat can put stress on your hair, using the least amount of calories is good for keeping your hair healthy.

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