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Does hair extensions damage your own hair?

Does hair extensions damage your own hair? Will it cause my own hair to fall out or deteriorate? Will the micro rings on the micro ring hair damage my hair?...

Does hair extensions damage your own hair? Will it cause my own hair to fall out or deteriorate? Will the micro rings on the micro ring hair damage my hair? These are probably concerns that every girl has in common when considering extensions. In the pursuit of beauty, we often have to pay some price. So a lot of girls ask these questions when they buy Extensions. Don't worry, this blog will provide a thorough answer to this question.

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First, the answer: no. Hair extensions won't damage our own Hair if we use proper care and professional installation techniques. In the past, hair extensions did get a bad reputation, simply because there were so few options. Extensions of hairpins are known to be noticeable in the hair and can strain the hair follicles as they strain the roots of the hair due to poorly designed clips. However, right now, there are plenty of alternatives that are great for hair and won't do any harm.

There are many reasons why hair loss can occur, including poor diet, little exercise, incorrect hair care, poor sleep quality, etc, but it is obviously unreasonable to say that hair extensions cause hair loss. Of course, wrong installation and improper care can cause damage to your hair. Here, we're talking about damage from outside your hair, not the hair extensions themselves.

Tips: Perm and hair color will also damage your hair to varying degrees.

Does hair extensions give you headaches?

A strange but surprisingly common misconception about extensions. Hair extensions won't give you a headache, and if they do, it's probably because you put in bobby pins yourself or didn't get them right. Those who choose to clip in sometimes get a little over-the-top because of the amount they put in. They tried to put too many wigs on their heads, making them too heavy and causing discomfort.
Professionally fitted extensions, on the other hand, are weighed and measured to ensure the extra hair is as unobtrussed and comfortable as possible. The longer you have extensions, the more natural it feels, and before you know it, you'll feel incomplete without them!

The most damaging aspect of hair extensions is how they are used, not how they are actually used. If the person joining them is not experienced enough or lacks skill, the application can cause a lot of damage, leading to scalp pain and hair follicle damage. Applying extensions yourself is also a big no-no if you don't have enough experience, because you could make a mistake and end up doing damage.

For people who wear hair extensions for a long time, they have their own ideas about how to install them correctly and how to care for them properly. Hair extensions will cause them no other discomfort. However, it can be uncomfortable for people wearing hair extensions for the first time, who may find them a bit heavy and feel a slight tug. This is all normal. Our hair Extensions are made from high quality, 100% human hair and will be softer and closer to our own hair than normal synthetic hair with less discomfort. You can choose your hair extensions according to the texture of your hair. If you are more invisible, you can choose Virgin Hair, which is more natural and invisible than Remy hair.

Is the Extensions 100% secure?

Hair extensions are completely safe, and honestly, if they're dangerous, then why are they so popular? As always, if you take the time to research a reliable, high quality technician, then you will have no problem expanding. Your hair will not be damaged, brittle, broken or start thinning -- it will remain as healthy as ever.

To be honest, hair Extensions themselves don't have any ingredients that can damage your hair and don't have any chemical residues, so you don't need to worry about the extensions themselves when choosing them. What you really need to worry about is the safety of the installation process and the care.

Warm tip: If you bought pre-bonded hair, it includes Micro Ring hair, Nano ring hair, Falt Tip hair, U Tip hair and I Tip hair. Please make an appointment with a professional hair stylist for your hair. In addition. Weft Hair also needs professional hair stylists.

Tips you should know about hair care:

Now that you know if a hair transplant can cause damage, let's discuss some of the best hair transplant practices everyone should follow:
 -Avoid successive extensions: Whenever possible, avoid installing new extensions immediately after removing the previous set of extensions. Take at least a week or two to give your precious hair and scalp some breathing room. If you find pain, hair loss or pain in your scalp during hair extensions, cut it off immediately and take a rest to allow your scalp to heal.
-Wash your hair gently and sparingly :Experts recommend washing as little as possible. The best solution is to wash for at least a week or two at a time to maximize your life span. But if you wash your hair or itchy, you'd better give it a good wash.
-Protect your hair: Protect your hair by sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase or wearing a silk or satin hat or curly hair. This will prevent dryness and keep your hair as tidy as possible.
-Spread your hair: Brush your hair daily to avoid tangles or knots, which can be a nightmare.

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