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What you need to know about hair.

Hair loss seems to be a concern for every modern person. The pace of life quicken, life pressure greatens, the strength of the change of mental activity, physical quality can...


Hair loss seems to be a concern for every modern person. The pace of life quicken, life pressure greatens, the strength of the change of mental activity, physical quality can affect a hair to grow, fall off. But do you really know your hair? Do you know how to protect them? Is there anything worth doing for healthy hair growth?

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First of all, hair is not an organ. Each person has about 100,000 hairs. The average person loses 70 to 100 hairs a day. Hair can grow back as it falls out. So, don't worry too much, it's perfectly normal for hair to fall out every day. Hair has its own life. When it reaches a certain length, it will die of old age and fall off naturally. This is a normal phenomenon. The hair that belongs to this kind of circumstance drops, anyone has, and it is often. Abnormal hair loss, because the hair growth is affected. Hair needs nutrients to grow, and nutrients are carried by blood.

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Daily maintenance:

The basic maintenance procedure for black hair is very simple, as long as you follow the following hair maintenance methods, you can slowly restore the condition of hair back.
(1) Correct comb hair before each hair wash, it is best to spend some time to comb the hair first, and then untie the knot part, comb hair motivation is to comb the dirt on the scalp and the dirt in the hair, using comb hair comb off first.

(2) Correct hair washing and hair care by washing hair can give injured hair nutrition ingredients, let the hair from inside to outside restore vitality. So, the healthy condition of the hair sees you to use the number that protects hair and kind. Basically, you wash your hair before you condition it. Therefore, if you want to have beautiful black hair, pay attention to the method and frequency of hair care.
Pay attention to when washing hair, must take care of scalp, hair root, because these two places are related to your hair health oh! Press to scalp through finger, can increase scalp health, blood circulates, of course can increase the health of hair. Hair end must be cleaned carefully next, ability makes hair hair end is absorbed nutrition.

(3) After washing the care: after washing the hair to use a towel to dry the wet hair, and then pay attention to a point. Don't just grab the hairdryer and blow through your hair. Must use towel to squeeze moisture dry with light pressing means, just can use hair dryer to blow dry.

(4) Due to the careless use of hair dryer blowing, but will make the hair more disorderly, so it is best to comb the hair before blowing, so as to avoid hair tangles, so that the hair was injured in the process of blowing.
When blowing, shorten the use time as far as possible, and the distance between the blower and the best to take away some, about 17cm, because the blower is one of the reasons for the damage of hair quality.

(5) For serious hair care if your hair is seriously damaged because of random perm and hair color, then, you put on the surface of the hair to prevent split or can supplement moisture, oil hair care agent, used to strengthen the health of the hair.

(6) The number of shampoo should also be controlled properly, two or three times a week is more appropriate, but also according to personal habits.
Having a healthy, smooth head of hair is the foundation of good hair and confidence is born from this.

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Auxiliary nursing:

(1) Shampoo and care. Choose better quality (low alkaline) shampoo when shampooing hair, and then use conditioner to maintain soft hair texture, loose light, add the firmness of the hair.

(2) Regularly bake oil. The best hair treatment is done once every other month. Apply the baking cream evenly on the hair during the treatment, and make the hair stick to the loose natural condition.

(3) Hot dyeing separation. Perm, hair dye is best not to carry out together, because perm agent and hair dye agent are rich in more chemical components, two layers of damage, more damage to the hair. In the case of non dyeing, pour the hair dye on the hair with the hand quietly rub, do not use the comb to arrange the hair repeatedly.


Combing your hair is one of the indispensable daily dressings. Comb your hair can remove the skin and dirt on the hair, but also stimulate the scalp, promote the head blood circulation, prevent the hair due to malnutrition caused by white hair, yellow hair and hair loss phenomenon, make the hair soft and shiny; At the same time, combing hair can also eliminate excessive brain swelling, numbness and so on.

When combing your hair, pay attention to cleaning the comb, combing your hair is just to transfer the dirt on your hair. If you put the comb teeth into the nylon stockings and brush back and forth more than 10 times, you will find that the dirt is adsorbed to the nylon silk, so as to brush off the dirt, and can protect the comb clean.

Instead, wash with water and a soft brush, and immediately dry gently with a towel, then leave to dry naturally in the shade. If the teeth of the comb are not bent straight, they should be replaced.


The hair of the person is like the skin, need often moist and nutrition, and the nutrient in natural plant especially fruit is absorbed more easily by human body place. A few fruits below are the good food material that nourishes beautiful hair.

  1. Kiwi fruit:  Kiwi fruit is the king of nutrition in fruit, it is rich in carotene, vitamin C, arginine, in addition to excellent anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, anti-free radical and anti-aging ability, but also contains a lot of ALA acid, can help hair maintain moisture, prevent dry hair, can improve the overall condition of hair.
  2. Citrus:  Citrus is also called mandarin orange, which contains a lot of vitamin C, and citrus essential oil extracted from citrus peel can enhance human immunity, calm nerves, eliminate anxiety and psychological stress. Citrus essential oil applied to hair care, can play a cool and refreshing, remove dandruff.
  3. Carambola:  the carambola is called V dynamic elves, containing sucrose, fructose, glucose, malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and vitamin B, vitamin C, trace of fat, protein and other nutrients, can help digestion, nourish and care in the body, to the hair with moisture and enhance elasticity, let a hair restore natural beauty.
  4. Peach:  peach contains nutrients are protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B and vitamin C, etc., have the function of the deep moisturize and firm skin, make skin moist and resilient and can enhance the skin resistance, and peach also can give highly moisturizing and nourishing hair, strengthen hair softness.
  5. Apple:  apple contains a large number of needed for your skin and hair nutrition, including malic acid can prevent drying of the skin and hair, vitamin C has whitening effect on skin, pectin can keep the moisture of the skin and hair, nutrients of apple also can restrain the growth of the dandruff, calm skin, and relieve itching.


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  • The purpose of shampoo is to wash away the dirt on the scalp and hair, so that the scalp can breathe well. So, want to protect good hair, be about to wash hair often and massage, make the hair is often in cleanness condition. Brush it off as you comb your hair. To wash your hair, wet it with water before shampooing it. Start by applying shampoo to your hair and then massage it with your fingers. Used to clean the epidermis layer of the scalp, because the hair is easily dirty scalp sebum and sweat, should be carefully rubbed and washed. For the second time, rinse with half of the amount of shampoo used for the first time. After washing, rinse repeatedly with clean water until there is no shampoo on your hair.
  • After the head as far as possible with dry towel dry hair, with natural air drying, use less hair dryer; If you must use, the hot mouth of the hair dryer should not be too close to the hair. Then pull your hair up bit by bit and use a blow-dryer to dry it, so that you can make different styles according to your personal preference.
  • If your hair is damaged seriously because of careless perm and hair color, it is recommended that you apply a conditioner that prevents split ends or can supplement moisture and oil on the surface of your hair to strengthen the health of your hair.


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Everyday anxious uneasiness can bring about trichomadesis, depressive degree is deeper, the speed of trichomadesis is faster also. For women, keep the right amount of exercise, hair will be glossy black, full of vitality. Men often take deep breaths, take a walk, and do relaxation exercises to eliminate mental fatigue that day. Pets in the home are easy to mold infection, if you like to sleep with pets, it is easy to cause scalp infection, red, itching, desquamation and hair loss; In addition, there is a kind of fat leakage dermatitis happening in the scalp, can appear and tinea capitis similar symptoms, but will not lose hair.

In fact, it is possible that the male bald, want to know whether his hair out much more special, there is a very simple "experimental" : people can gently pull his hair six to eight times, and then see every time down the hair have more than three root, if you have, it means the hair follicles are fragile and should be more careful.


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