6 tips for caring for your hair

Now we want to share some tips to help you make better use of your hair extensions. With good care and proper use, you can extend the service life of your hair extensions and save money. Follow us now.

Tip 1: Comb your hair gently

Comb your hair extensions gently. You don't need to comb every day. Let it rest. When combing a long hair extensions, first divide the extensions into several sections, comb it from bottom to top, and comb it gently and slowly. Be patient. When it comes to how many times you brush a day, as long as you are gentle, the more, the better. Take small section of hair and brush from the scalp over the extensions to mid lengths, being careful to tease any tangles out from the bottom lengths first. Do not back comb areas where the Pre-Bonded or Tapes are placed.

Tip 2: Put your extensions away at rest

When you are at home, take off your extensions and put it on the extensions table. The stand will keep the shape of the extensions, and taking it down can reduce hair pulling. Don't throw away the extensions every day when you take it off. You should place the extensions on the hair stand to give it a place to shelter. The extensions that have not been used for a long time should be cleaned and placed in the box or on the head of the model with a plastic cover to keep the original hairstyle. It can also avoid the intrusion of dust and bacteria, and can not be folded or clipped in clothes for storage.

Tip 3: Dry your hair extensions carefully

It can also avoid the intrusion of dust and bacteria, and can not be folded or clipped in clothes for storage. After washing the extensions, don't wrap it in a towel to "rub day". Dry it carefully one by one. This ensures that the extensions will not fall off. And don't do modeling when it's wet. You can wrap the extensions with a dry towel and lightly press it a few times(mainly to remove part of the water), and finally put it on an object similar to the head. After combing the hair style, let it dry naturally. Carefully brush the hair after getting out of the shower. Use a towel to dry the hair starting at the top of the hair and slowly move down the shaft of the hair to the tips. Do not rub the towel, which causes hair tangling.

Tip 4: Styling agents are not suitable for extensions hair

Do not rub the towel, which causes hair tanglingNote that styling agents used for real hair such as glue water and hair wax are not suitable for extensions, otherwise thay will make extensions sticky. You should use a non-oily care solution for extensions. Our normal hair has new aging and self-repairing function, while extensions do not. Using it will only reduce its service life.


Tip 5: Use conditioner to clean up your extensions hair

You can use conditioner once a week or two to keep it shiny and soft. Be sure not to moisturize every day, and rinse the conditioner, otherwise it will accumulate in the extensions. Generally, when cleaning extensions, we will choose to use conditioner instead of shampoo. Because the extension itself does not produce oil, as long as it is not particularly dirty, the conditioner can clean it well, and at the same time it can provide a little nutrition to the extensions. When cleaning, connect a basin of water first, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Next, you can choose to pour the conditioner into the water and stir it evenly, or you can choose to apply the conditioner directly on the hair. You can also apply some conditioner on the inner net, just a little bit. No matter which method you use, remember not to rub the extensions, just rinse it water.


Tip 6: Don't wash your extensions often

Although the extension can be washed, it is not recommended to wash it frequently, unless it is too dirty, it should be taken out and washed. Be careful when washing. Do not rub with your hands. Knead gently. It is best to wash with conditioner. If you want to rinse with water, the water flow must be fine. If you wear a extension often, it is recommended to wash it once a week. When washing, pay special attention to the fact that the extension cannot be washed with hot water, which will damage the quality of the extensions, and it cannot be soaked in water for a long time. After washing, let it dry in a ventilated place.

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