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How to choose extensions that are suit for you?

With November creeping in, comes the grand opening of Black Friday. On the occasion of this shopping spree, we have also prepared a shopping guide for you. What to do...

With November creeping in, comes the grand opening of Black Friday. On the occasion of this shopping spree, we have also prepared a shopping guide for you. What to do if you want to add volume to your hair but don't know which extensions to choose? Don't worry, this blog will cover the details of how to choose extensions that are right for you.

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First, you can initially choose the extensions you want based on whether they can be reused or not.

Secondly, you can choose according to the characteristics of various types of Extensions.

Tape in hair extensions can be divided into remy tape hair extensions, Virgin tape hair extensions, and Injection tape hair extensions.

1.Remy tape hair extensions: Use American white film, which is stickier, more invisible, lasts longer and can be used again. Professional Team Design, Soft and Silky hair, Full and Healthy end. No Shedding, no tangle!

2.Virgin tape hair extensions: Virgin hair are directly taken from human head and do not undergo any chemical alteration and cleansing process. It is 100% pure hair. Not been permed、dyed、colored、bleached、and chemically processed in any way.

3.Injection tape hair extensions: More invisible; Like hair grows naturally; Longer lifespan.

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Pre-bonded hair extensions, also known as keratin hair extensions, tip hair extensions or (hot or cold) fusion hair extensions.

Pre-bonded can be divided into remy pre-bonded hair and virgin pre-bonded hair. Compared with all hair extensions, it has the longest history and it’s still the No.1 choice for many people. It is a type of hair extensions applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is found at the end of the extension, to attach it to your natural hair. Using keratin as a form of hair extension application has been around for many years, and is a very popular method of fitting.

1.I Tip Hair Extensions: is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like an “I” and is applied to the hair by the Micro-ring process, it is also called Cold Fusion hair extensions.

As the most popular fusion hair extensions, I-Tip Hair Extensions is made of pure Remy hair for its natural-looking, silky-smooth and comfortable to wear with high-quality keratin, so that you can treat our hair extension like your own hair.
The hair is heat-friendly and can be straightened, curled, washed and restyled
as you like.

2.U Tip Hair Extensions:is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a “U” and is applied to the hair by heating up, it is also called Hot Fusion hair extensions.

3.Micro Ring Hair Extensions: Micro loop design, easy to wear or remove;long lasting and invisible fish line; micro beads, can be reused.

4.Flat-tip hair extensions: is actually the very similar type of keratin hair extensions to U-tip, both using the heating method, just different at the shape, Flat is a flat shape.

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Weft Hair Extensions can also be divided into Remy Weft Hair and Virgin Weft Hair. Remy Weft Hair mainly has hair Weft and Halo Hair, Virgin Weft hair has Virgin machine Weft hair, hand-tied weft hair, flat Silk Weft hair.

  1. Hand-tied weft hair extensions: are just what the name implies: tied by hand. Due to this, they are able to be sewn onto a thinner weft. Hand-tied extensions are virtually invisible, so you won't have to worry about the corners of the weft poking through your natural hair.
  2. Virgin machine weft hair extensions: Machine wefts are heavier than hand-tied wefts which means clients with finer hair are a better fit for hand-tied extensions. Clients with medium to thick density hair would be a great fit for either hand-tied or machine wefts depending on preference and budget. Machine wefts are more affordable than hand-tied extensions. Hand-tied extensions take far longer to produce which makes the cost of this option more expensive.
  3. Flat silk weft hair extensions: It combines the advantages of machine weft and hand-tied weft. It is neither as bulky as the machine weft, nor as easily shedding as the hand-tied weft.
weft hair extensions

Third, you can choose according to different color types.

Our extensions can be divided into four main categories: Highlight color, Balayage color, Ombre color and solid color. The main colors are brown, blonde and black. When searching, you can choose the color you want.

Fourth, choose extensions that fit your lifestyle.

It’s important to take into consideration which hair extension method matches your lifestyle. If your schedule is too busy to maintain hair extensions on a daily basis, then clip in extensions may be the right fit for you. It can be wear in 3 minutes, and you can easily take it off in the evening after a tiring day.


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