Flower Injection Tape in Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Hair
Flower Injection Tape in Hair
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Youngsee Hair

[Buy 1 Get 1 Free] Flower Injection Tape in Hair Balayage Brown With Blonde #BM |Youngsee

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Length: 14"
Weight: 10PCS 50G

Description of Flower Injection Tape ins

Flower injection tape in hair extensions refer to a type of tape in hair extensions that feature a decorative element in the form of a flower design. These extensions are designed with a unique tape attachment method that incorporates a floral pattern, adding a touch of elegance and style to your hair. It has huge-width tape, 2 times the width of regular virgin tape-ins. Because it has a larger contact surface with your hair, it sticks very firmly, Won't slip off easily. When installing hair extensions, installing one flower injection tape in hair is equivalent to installing two classic tape ins, which will save more time. It works best in combination with classic injection tape ins, classic injection tape ins can be installed in places with small head circumference, and flower injection tape ins can be installed in places with relatively large head circumference.
HAIR TYPE: Virgin Injection Tape in Hair Extensions 
HAIR COLOR: Balayage Brown With Blonde #BM
14''-16'' 4g/piece| 5 Pcs/Pack| 20G
18''-24'' 5g/piece| 5 Pcs/Pack| 25G
HAIR LENGTH: 14"-24" 
HAIR SETTING:  Can be washed, dyed, cut, styled and curled
HAIR TEXTURE: Natural straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to air dry or diffused.
injection strip bond, inject hair into the pu by machine.
TAPE SIZE: 0.8 cm * 8 cm
LIFESPAN: 6-12 months


Features of Flower Injection Tape ins

  • Longer Lifespan: Ethically sourced 100% virgin human hair. Can last a full year with proper care.
  • Cost-effective: Invisible Tape-Ins can be reused up to 3x, saving your time and money.
  • Unique & Eye-Catching Design: The tapes feature a distinctive floral pattern, adding a unique and eye-catching element to your hair. The decorative design stands out, allowing you to showcase your individual style and creativity.
  • Confidence Boost: The petal shaped tapes can enhance your confidence by adding a unique and decorative touch to your hair. They allow you to express your personal style and make a statement, elevating your overall look and creating a sense of self-assurance.

tape ins on regular vs. injection vs. flower

About Tape in Extensions

There are 2 different types of virgin tape in extensions in YoungSee: Regular Tape ins & Injection Tape ins. The latter are more invisible and thinner.

Warm tips: It is recommended to replace the tape every 4-6 weeks. And buy 20+ pieces of hair to get a free piece of replacement tape.

regular tape ins

injection tape ins

replacement tape 

How to Apply Injection Tape ins

The application process involves sandwiching a section of your natural hair between two tape-in extensions, with the adhesive sides facing each other. 

    how to apply tape ins some notes after installation of tape ins

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