YoungSee Professional Hair

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Virgin Weft Extensions

Genius Weft: Seamless Blend; No Return Hair; Customizable; Reusable & Comfortable

Hand Tied Weft: Thin & Undetectable; Great for Thin Hair; Seamless Return & Avoids Tangling; Can't be Cut

Flat Silk Weft: Ultra-thin & Customizable; No Tangle, No Knotted; Flat & Comfortable

Sew in Machine Weft: Double Weft Sewn by Machine; Denser and Thicker; Can be Cut; Enhanced Durability

PU Hole Flat Weft: No Shedding; Protect Hair & Scalp; Lightweight & Invisible; Easy to Install & Remove

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Pre Bonded Extensions

I Tip Hair: Heat & Color-safe; Cold & Hot Fusion; Protein Keratin Tip; Seamless & Discreet Attachment

⭐ K  Tip Hair: Premium Virgin Hair; Comfortable; Longevity & Durability; Seamless Blending

⭐ Nano Ring Hair: Exceptional Flexibility; Stainless Steel Wire Lasts Long; No Heat & No Chemical Risk

Micro Ring Hair: Comfort Fit; Versatility; Discreet & Natural Look; Non-Damaging Application

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Tape in Hair Extensions

⭐ Regular Tape ins: Maximum Versatility; Minimal Tension; Reusability; Easy Installation

Injection Tape ins: Super Invisible; Comfortable Wear; Easy Application & Removal; Long-lasting Results

Youngsee Hair Topper Extensions.png__PID:1771acb4-3251-452d-8d77-326895e8240b

Hair Topper

Reusability; Hair Loss Coverage; Convenience & Ease of Use; Comfortable & Breathable Base

⭐ 5*5 inches Topper: Round large base with 4 clips, more firmly

⭐ 3*5 inches Topper: Rectangle medium base with 3 clips, more flexible

6*7 inches Topper: Round large base with 4 clips, Multi-directional Styling

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Clip in Hair

⭐7 pcs Clip ins: 100g hair + 20g clips

Non-Damaging; Tangle & Shedding Free; Stay Firmly with Double Weft; Quickly Install & Remove at Home

Youngsee Wire Hair Invisible wire.png__PID:7fe0ba1a-d29a-4e6e-b6b8-6408be860cef

Halo Hair

⭐ Wire Hair Extensions: Versatility; Simple Application; Secure & Comfort Fit; Natural Appearance


Color Guide

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Find your shade

We divide hair three types of color: Solid Color, Highlight Color & Balayage Color.
If you are not sure which color, please take a few pictures of your hair in natural light and email us.

Your Benefits

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