Flat Silk Weft with other wefts

Flat Silk vs. Hand-tied vs. Machine Weft

  • Flat Silk Weft

Construction: Made with a thin, flat base using high-quality silk material. They lay flat against the scalp, providing a seamless and natural look.
Advantages: Lightweight, comfortable, and virtually undetectable. They offer a natural feel and are versatile in styling options.
Application Method: Often attached using silicone-coated micro beads or tape tabs, which are secure and gentle on the hair.
Recommended for: Individuals looking for a seamless and natural-looking extension with minimal damage to their natural hair.


  • Hand-Tied Weft

Construction: Made by hand, where strands of hair are manually tied together to create a weft. The weft is thinner and flatter than machine wefts.
Advantages: Provide a seamless look and lay flat against the scalp. They offer a natural appearance and are comfortable to wear.
Application Method: Typically sewn onto the natural hair using a beading or braiding technique. They can also be applied with tape or clips.
Recommended for: Those seeking a natural and lightweight extension method that allows for easy styling and blending.


  • Machine Weft

Construction: Made using a machine that sews strands of hair together, creating a thicker and more robust weft.
Advantages: Typically more affordable and provide added volume due to their thicker construction. They are readily available in various lengths and colors.
Application Method: Often sewn onto natural hair using braiding or beading techniques. They can also be applied with tape or clips.
Recommended for: Individuals looking for a cost-effective option with added volume and thickness.
The difference between Flat Silk Weft and Machine Weft
hand tied weft vs flat weft human hair vs machine weft

Which one should I choose among Genius Weft, Hand-tied Weft, Flat Silk Weft and Machine-sewn Weft?

At YoungSee, there are 4 most popular wefts. They are the most perfect Genius Weft without baby hair, the flat and comfortable Flat Silk Weft, the Hand-tied Weft specially designed for fine & thin hair that is invisible but not cutable, and the thickest and most affordable Machine-sewn Weft. 

The images below presents you with a captivating visual journey that unveils the unique advantages and differences of four popular weft styles. While our spotlight shines brightly on the incredible Genius Weft, we understand that everyone has their own preferences and needs when it comes to hair extensions. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview so that you can make an informed decision and discover the perfect hair extensions that will unleash your inner beauty. 
The difference between YoungSee 4 weft
the unique advantages and differences of four wefts