All Tape ins

All Tape ins

The choice between Regular Tape ins & Injection Tape ins depends on your personal preferences, hair type, and desired application method.

**Which one to choose?**

Both regular Tape-In Hair Extensions and Injection Tape-In Hair Extensions offer similar benefits and are suitable for most hair types. The main difference lies in the application method and the speed of installation.

Choose regular Tape-In Hair Extensions if:
- You prefer the traditional tape-in application method.
- You are comfortable with slightly longer installation times.
- You want a reliable and widely-used extension method.

Choose Injection Tape-In Hair Extensions if:
- You want a faster and more efficient application process.
- You like the idea of the unique injection method for applying the adhesive.
- You're open to trying a newer and innovative extension technique.

Ultimately, both types of extensions can provide you with beautiful, natural-looking results. Consider discussing your preferences with a professional hairstylist who can assess your hair and guide you to the best option based on your needs and lifestyle.

between Regular Tape ins & Injection Tape ins

Warm tips: It is recommended to replace the tape every 4-8 weeks. And buy 20+ pieces of hair to get a free piece of replacement tape.

replacement tape