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Why choose hand-tied weft or flat silk weft?

All Youngsee products including our new machine weft collection are made using the most quantity hair extensions on the market. All of our hair is cuticle direction correct, silicone-free, single...

All Youngsee products including our new machine weft collection are made using the most quantity hair extensions on the market. All of our hair is cuticle direction correct, silicone-free, single donor and ethically sourced. 

What are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are just what the name implies: tied by hand. Due to this, they are able to be sewn onto a thinner weft.

Hand-tied extensions are virtually invisible, so you won't have to worry about the corners of the weft poking through your natural hair.

Hand-tied Extension Pros More fine and flexible

What is Machine weft?

   a machine weft is sewn by a machine to create the track whereas a hand-tied weft is sewn by hand. Due to this, a machine weft has a thicker weft and a hand-tied weft has a thinner weft and lies closer to the head. Machine wefts can be bulkier at the root than a hand-tied weft and also can be more difficult to conceal along the edges.

hand-tied weft

Machine wefts are heavier than hand-tied wefts which means clients with finer hair are a better fit for hand-tied extensions. Clients with medium to thick density hair would be a great fit for either hand-tied or machine wefts depending on preference and budget.
Machine wefts are more affordable than hand-tied extensions. Hand-tied extensions take far longer to produce which makes the cost of this option more expensive.

Although there are many types and brands of hand-tied extensions, they all vary in quality, durability, and craftsmanship. Hand-tied hair extensions are the most comfortable in the hair industry currently.

How many machine wefts will my client need for a full application?

virgin hair extensions suppliers

This depends largely on your client's hair length and density as well as their desired goal. However, we would be happy to give an approximation.

Volume application only:

1 machine weft

4 hand-tied wefts

Volume and length:

2 machine wefts for fine-medium density hair 

2-3 machine wefts for medium-thick density hair

3-4 machine wefts for thick density hair 

8-10 hand-tied wefts for fine-medium density hair

10-12 wefts for medium-thick density hair

12-14 wefts for thick density hair

With proper care, hand-tied extensions can last anywhere from 6-12 months. You are able to wake up and style your hair as usual without worrying about installing hair every day.

Even at the after nine months, hand-tied extensions can be kept for reuse. However, this is dependent on how well you care for the hair. The best part about the installation of hand-tied extensions is the fact that they don’t require heat or any bonding glue. It can be easily installed without damaging your hair. From the installation process to maintenance, this hair was created for your convenience. Shop high-quality hand-tied hair extensions now!

Has more hair on it than the micro hand tied weft.

What is flat silk weft?

flat silk weft the quanlity weft hair extension

 Flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair, what should you choose?

   It is a type of hair weft but it is a thinner form of regular weft extensions. Often, the short little hairs are normally on the top wefts, but flat silk weft hair has no return hair on it. It allows for a natural look, flat and comfortable application. The hair extension can stay long on your head. You may visit a hair salon after 6-8 weeks to tighten the hair and continue enjoying beautiful hair. After several checks, you should reapply the hair

Similarities between flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair

Both types of hair extensions are used to add more hair length and thickness on your head. They are made of raw human hair and artificial fibres. If you purchase a human hair extension, it can mimic your natural locks perfectly. 
Also, they both have plenty of colours, sizes, and more. Opt for the hair extension that has the same colour as your bio hair. Plus, they can stay on your head for a long time if you wear and take care of it appropriately. 
The thickness of the wefts The difference between silk flat weft hair extensions and common weft hair

The difference between silk flat weft hair extensions and common weft hair

※Return short hair

Silk flat weft hairs are ideal for those love perfectness. It has no short hair on the top of the weft. Also, the hair strand is sewn and adjusted carefully, offers a perfect look. You can choose any length you want and all of them are made meticulously. Common weft hair has short little hair on the top, around 0.8 – 1.5″. 

※The thickness of the wefts
What about the thickness of the weft edge, between flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair? The flat silk weft is the thinnest piece. The hair first appeared in 2018, and it is customized to suit the higher demand of customers. This hair weft is much 30% thinner than the other common weft versions. After applying, it lays flat on your scalp, offering a nice look.


   It is understandable that flat silk weft hair is a higher price than its counterparts. Its great advantages and design of this hair make it become the best seller item on the market today. You can easily get common hair wefts at every hair store and vendor. The flat silk weft hair is thin, so it is lightweight. The complicated making process is another factor making this hair price become high. 

   Take account of the benefits the hair unit brings, you will see that it is not expensive. The hair extension is a long-term investment. It looks thin and natural, offering a comfortable feeling. The hair can last longer if you store it carefully. If you are looking for a long hair that blends seamlessly with your natural locks, then flat silk weft hair extension is for you. Whether your hair texture is curly or straight, thick or fine, you can get unit to match your own.

Now that you have learned about the benefits of hand-tied extensions and flat silk weft, I am sure you are ready to try them out! Getting good hair is just as important as the method used to install it, and at https://youngsee.shop/, you are guaranteed to get 100% durable and quality hair.SEE MORE

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