The Highest Quality Hair--Full Cuticle Hair

Would you like your hair to grow long and healthy? Then, take your time to understand hair cuticles.
Your hair cuticle is the most important for the health and length of your hair. It’s no wonder whenever we talk of hair you will always hear the word cuticles.
The hair contains dead cells you know. Furthermore, the hair survives using keratin protein, water, and protective layers. However, the outer layer-cuticle is the major part of your hair.

How Does It Function?

You have the cuticles consisting of the protein-based scales. This is the gateway to the nourishment and moisturization of the hair. It stays open and closed when activated.

The cuticles let the ingredients and chemicals into the strand and to the cortex. This cortex is the one responsible for the pigmentation, curl, thickness and pattern of the hair.
It’s also the work of your hair cuticle to allow the color into the cortex and only then will there be the color change. So, unless the ingredient can lift the cuticles, there won’t be any change in the structure of the hair.

The chemicals must lift the cuticles then manipulate the cortex for the change it. Also, when you use the relaxer on your curly hair the chemical lifts the cuticle then goes to break the bonds thus straighten the curls.

Unfortunately, once you make such changes, it’s irreversible and it can also be damaging ultimately. So, do what you have to do with moderation.

Therefore, the integrity of the hair scale determines the quality and service life of the hair. Hair with intact scaly is like a newborn's hair, without any damage or change, can make your hairstyle more beautiful and natural, and last longer


It's from one single donor so each bundle you buy should from the same donors(the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc).This has not been exposed to any kinds of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running the same direction.

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