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Machine Weft Hair VS Hand Tied Hair&Virgin Weft Hair&Flat Track Weft Hair

Many people have a lot of concerns when buying hair Extensions. How to choose the weft Extensions that are right for you, which ones are thin and not heavy. Now...

Many people have a lot of concerns when buying hair Extensions. How to choose the weft Extensions that are right for you, which ones are thin and not heavy. Now it's coming! Youngsee Virgin Weft Hair Extensions. This article will explain how to choose weft Hair Extensions according to your needs from several perspectives, as well as the differences and connections between Machine Weft, Virgin Machine Weft, Hand Tied Weft and Flat Track Weft. Let's go and have a look!


sew in weft hair


weft hair extensions

1. Comfortable to use
The hand-tied sew-in extensions are easy and very comfortable to use. Since the hair is made of virgin hair, it blends in; naturally, that takes no effort in making them look real. The weft hair is skin-friendly as well.

2. Low maintenance
The sew-in weft hair extensions are of low maintenance because it is sewn into your hair. You can go for a professional touch-up once a month. And if you observe itchy scalps, then do visit the hair salon for help in a week.

3. Last longer
The hand-tied sew-in lasts longer than any other wigs or extensions you use in your daily life. Even machine tied weft hair extensions last longer if only if it is made of virgin hair. And also, the sew-in weft hair can be reused up to 3 to more times. With proper care, the human weft hair extensions will last longer, and also using the right products will increase the lifespan of weft hair.

4. It offers endless styling options.
One of the main benefits of using weft hair extensions is that it offers endless styling options. Why? Because it is made of human hair. So, you can try any hairstyles that you desire, like braids, buns, ponytails, and any other popular hairstyles. When you style your hair, make sure to use a heat guard to prevent further heat damages.
virgin weft hair

price of weft hair

- Hand-tied wefts are usually more expensive, ranging from about $20-40 more than it's machine wefted counterpart because they are more time consuming to create. Thses wefts are lighter, thinner and less rigid, making it more difficult to install when doing a sew in.
- Flat Track Weft hair is more expensive than virgin machine weft hair and hand-tied weft hair. Because it combines the advantages of hand-tied Weft hair and machine Weft hair, it is the lightest and more comfortable to wear. That’s is why a growing number of people to choose invisible flat weft hair extensions, it will make you more beautiful and confident without any pressure.

virgin weft hair

- Machine weft extensions are a collection of hair sewn together by a machine. The wefts themselves are thicker and weigh a bit more. And Machine wefts can be cut because of how they are made--making them more durable and sturdier.
- The benefit of using hand-tied hair extensions is because every weft is individually handstitched. They are created with high precision so each weft is very strong and prevents shedding. Unlike machine wefts, they are micro thin, less bulky and less visible. The end result is that these hand-tied extensions sit closer to the head which reduces the bump that machine tied wefts create in addition to being more comfortable. Additionally, reduced bulkiness allows a more natural free-flowing solution. Hand-tied wefts allow a more natural appearance and volume. These characteristics make hand-tied wefts an excellent choice for a more permanent (sewn in) hair solution.
NOTICE: One thing to note is that hand-tied wefts are unable to be cut due to how thin they are. It is important to consult with a stylist prior to installation.
- Flat Track weft extensions are very similar to braided weft hair extensions, but they are so much better suited to caucasian fine hair. Flat track weft extensions sit flatter, and are more comfortable to the head than braided wefts. Track flat hair weft doen't have short hair on the weft, it is the biggest point vs machine hair Weft, it is securely placed in the hair using glue, sewing install. Therefore, it will wear more traceless and recessive.

their advantages

Machine Weft Hair:

- Machine sewn
- Thicker hair wefts
- Bulky & not invisible
- Can be cut to desired length
Machine wefted hair is generally cheaper, sturdier and thicker. Often the hair is double drawn weft meaning. The tracks tend to be thicker on machine wefted hair but in return they usually shed less. With high quality, well sewn machine wefts, some ladies report that sealing the hair is not even necessary to prevent shedding.
Made from quality real human hair, the wefts at the top of the hair extension are produced to the hair for a more natural look. To ensure natural hair for extensions, the top of the hair is bond links with the silicone which can be changed based on the color of the hair. Since the installation requires no heat, hair damage is minimized.
Once the initial application of machine weft extensions has been completed, they need to be maintained every six to eight weeks. Maintenance is done by re-opening the link and moving wefts up. Knowing that keeping the weft close to the scalp keeps them confidential and invisible. Such extensions are expected to remain for three to six months.
MACHINE WEFT is one of the hair extension application application types which are woven in to your natural hair. Sew in process initially requires one’s natural tresses to be braided around the head in concentric circles. Once these natural braids are sewn down, the wefts are sewn to the braids. Wefting is the process where the bulk hair stitched together by securing the ends of root part of hair strands together through the specially designed sewing machines.

weft hair extensions

Hand-Tied Weft Hair:

- Strong and prevents shedding
- Micro thin, less bulky & less visible
- Reduces the bump
- More comfortable
- Natural appearance and volume

Falt Track Weft Hair:

-It combines the advantages of machine weft and hand tied weft.
-It is neither as bulky as the machine weft, nor as easily shedding as the hand tied weft.
Overall, the Virgin Machine Weft Hair is more invisible and comfortable to wear than the Machine Weft Hair. While Virgin machine weft hair, hand-tied weft hair and flat track weft hair will be more recessive overall. The biggest difference between these three is probably comfort and invisibility, slightly different, but not that different. You can choose according to your final needs and budget.


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