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How to Remove Your Hair Extensions At Home, According to Stylists

    Normally, you need to make an appointment and you have a professional hairstylist to do this for you,But if you can't wait until your next appointment, here are...

    Normally, you need to make an appointment and you have a professional hairstylist to do this for you,But if you can't wait until your next appointment, here are the least risky ways to take out tape-in, bonded, and sewn-in extensions.
    Staying at home because of the COVID-19, including our trusted beauty professionals, are unable to perform services or go to work. 
    Due to the inability to see the hairstylist, many customers with a hair want to know what to do if they remove their hair. You can refer to the video or article. You can contact your professional hairstylist. Their ideas or techniques may save you a lot of time and may save your hair because incorrect removal will cause hair to break.
    If you can, put off removal until shelter-in-place/safer-at-home orders are lifted. If your hair extensions are ready for removal or should have been removed some time ago, here’s how to proceed on your own.


    Tape-ins are typically the easiest to remove because of how gentle the application process is on the hair. Beauty lovers prefer tape-ins because he feels they present less wear and tear while they’re installed and during removal.
    This type of extension is applied using double-sided tape, which is attached to a small section of your own hair. The extensions are applied on top and underneath that hair, a technique Alternatively, a single weft of hair can be applied alone to a section of your real hair using the tape with a backing placed underneath to seal it in place. It is recommended that tape-in extensions be removed and reinstalled every eight weeks. So while they do need more maintenance, they’re also easier to take out.

how to remove tape ins hair extensions

The following are several ways to remove Tape-ins glue

  •   1: It can be used hand sanitiser to remove the tape-ins, The gel remover offered to professionals is made of 70% isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, and aloe, which is found in hand sanitisers.
  •   2:We also recommends anything super emollient. it can help break up the tape, as can oils that are used to smooth the hair cuticle or repair split ends. The key is to fully saturate the band and massage the product in.
  •   3:Put the oil onto the extension itself, so you can marinate it. Move it around so it comes loose,” says Tran. You’ll massage the tape until it gently peels off the hair and slides down and off the hair cuticle.

    There may be remnants of tape left in the hair and there might be hair that collected at the root — the hair you naturally shed throughout its growth cycle. It’s essential to comb out the hair to prevent matting.

Simple tips to help you comb your hair healthier:

    Start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up. Don’t start from the top and run it through, there will be some tangles, so work those tangles out first and work it all the way through to the top. If the comb doesn’t go through, add a little more of the product You’re basically spreading it into your own hair so it will be slippery,This makes it easier to comb through.

   Tape-ins hair is easy to use and easy to disassemble. It is the first choice for many hairdressing enthusiasts. It is also the most popular hair extensions trend today. The regular tape in hair life is 3-6 months, and the life of scaly virgin hair is 6-12 Months, It can be used for more than a year if it is well protected  Although the price is a bit more expensive than regular tape, it is longer in use-value, more convenient to care, and reduces the trouble of multiple purchases and care. Therefore, fans of tape hair can try Virgin hair. There will be a different experience, why choose virgin hair has become a soaring vocabulary in the Internet search

Pre-Bonded Extensions

   Pre-bonded extensions are popular because they are so versatile when it comes to styling. But it’s a service that requires a professional for both installation and removal, as the bonds are more difficult to break up and take out. You also have a higher risk of hair damage if they are not removed properly. 

   if you had to remove your own extensions at home If you’re quarantined by yourself, the struggle is very real. If you’re by yourself, the best thing you can do is keep waiting, because it is difficult to solve this problem by yourself, What you can do is try to protect your hair as recommended by the barber to prevent her from getting tangled and damaged
   If you can invite your friends to help you, You will also need a tool to break up the bond after the removal solution is applied to the tip. The tool literally looks like a set of pliers, which seems very scary. This is why it’s very important that the solution is only on the bond,
   You need to push away any hair that’s surrounding the bond, get it out of the way, but the solution on the bond, and then you use, for lack of a better word, the plier-looking tool to break up the bond. You’ll gently clamp at it and it kind of starts breaking up into little pieces and then you can slide it off the hair

   I would suggest very low manipulation to your hair,try not to pull on the hair too much, especially if you feel the links are grown out more than you're used to because that can cause more tension. Washing is okay, but just be mindful of the new growth

   Unlike tape-ins, your hair should definitely be dry if you’re going to attempt to remove individual bonds. “A lot of people think, Oh if I get my hair wet and put a ton of conditioner on it and then put on the solution, it will slide right out. No! For whatever reason, when it’s wet, it makes the bond harder and it doesn’t break up as easily. And remember too that when hair is wet, it’s elastic, so it stretches. If you’re trying to pull that bond down, you have a greater chance of it snapping.”

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Sewn-In Wefts

   You will also need scissors, section clips and a comb. "Feel for the section where the track has been sewn in and section away from the surrounding hair with a clip. Using your scissors, carefully cut the thread attaching the weave to the braid.

   it is best to cut the straight length of weave thread between each crisscross. "Once you have cut the thread, use your pin tail comb to slowly ease away the thread. The weft should easily come away from the braid and then the next step is to remove the braid. You should notice some synthetic hair that your hairdresser has added into the braid to support your natural hair and release tension. So again don't be alarmed when this added hair falls out of the braid, it's not your natural hair."

You can refer to the specific steps:

After ordinary hair weaves are popular all over the world, there are more and more upgraded versions. We have selected two kinds of hair weaves with the best evaluation from many categories. Hand-tied and Flat weft. Their raw material is the most primitive virgin hair, and the most advanced technology is used to treat the hair at the lowest level to reduce damage to the hair,The service life is more than 1 year and more invisible. It is exactly the same as your own hair. Why choose hand-tied weft and flat weft human hair have also become a hot word

Caring for Your Hair While You Have Extensions

Of course, if you can wait, don’t try to remove your extensions — especially bonds or sewn-in wefts. To keep your hair from matting or tangling, it’s essential to thoroughly brush your hair daily.

If you can delete the extension, now is the time to take some protective measures. Strengthen the hair as much as possible and reduce breakage.

how to care your human hair extensions

We suggest exfoliating your scalp. “If you have an actual exfoliator, great. If not, just your brush. If you have a boar bristle brush, start brushing at your scalp and get the blood flow going because that will stimulate hair growth. Take the time to get your hair healthy. Use a clarifying shampoo and then a good mask. This is the time to do that so when they can go back to the salon, they can do colour changes and fresh extensions and everyone’s gonna have healthy hair. LEARN MORE

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