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How to Protect Nature Hair From Heat Damage

One of the many things there is to love about being a curly girl is the endless hairstyles you can achieve with your curls. Even with day two or day...

Curly hairOne of the many things there is to love about being a curly girl is the endless hairstyles you can achieve with your curls. Even with day two or day three hair, you can still reactivate your curls to achieve a  style. Many girls believe putting heat on natural hair will lead to an long-term hair damage.

It’s true constant straightening and heat styling can have damaging and negative effects in the long run. However, there’s no official rule book. It seems as though there’s a common misconception that once you’ve transitioned to natural that you can no longer apply heat from time to time. Sure, there can be damaging consequences like breakage and dryness. However, with proper maintenance before and after heat styling your hair.  You can maintainyour curls and a proper routine that leaves your hair healthy—even after applying heat. Below, find the protective heat-styling tricks.

01. Deep Condition

Deep conditioner

Whenever you are gearing up to change your hairstyle, you need to treat your natural hair with some extra TLC and plan a hair maintenance day. Depending on how dry your hair is, use deep conditioner to lock moisture and keep your curls intact before styling your hair. This ensures your natural hair is moisturized, healthy, and ready to take on the additional changes.

02. Use a Heat Protectant

Use heat ptotectant

This step shall not be skipped. For those with curly or natural hair looking to apply heat in any capacity, prepare your natural hair by using a heat protectant first. Most heat protectants will protect your hair with heat up to 450 degrees. use this step before moving on to styling.

03. Choose a Low Heat Setting

 Youngsee Hair

Try your best to use minimal heat in heat styling. Don't raise the temperature above 350 degrees to try to minimize the chances of heat damage.

04. Wrap Your Hair at Night

Wrap your hair

Wrapping your hair at night is an essential step in maintaining the health of your hair, whether it is in its natural or heat-styled state. If you’re often forgetful of wrapping your hair at night, try purchasing silk pillow cases.

05 Routine Salon Visits

Trim your hair ends

The best way to keep track of any lingering hair damage and get proper advice is through a professional stylist. Make sure you’re keeping up with your routine salon visits (or virtual consultations) every three months. It is necessary to visit your stylist often to make sure you are receiving the proper care and maintenance (cutting and trimming ends) that you need.


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