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How long is the best time to wash your hair

We all like to wash our hair every day and feel that greasy hair gives an unhygienic performance. Most people always wash their hair unconsciously when they take a shower,...

We all like to wash our hair every day and feel that greasy hair gives an unhygienic performance. Most people always wash their hair unconsciously when they take a shower, thinking that not washing their hair is the same as not taking a shower. In fact, would it be a good thing to wash your hair every day? people are also confused and don't know if washing their hair every day is a good thing, In fact, this is a no answer question, whether you need to wash your hair every day varies from person to person, of course, it also depends on the environment you are in, such as weather and humidity

From the environmental point of view, washing hair diligently will increase water consumption, at the same time, the water temperature heating process requires some energy consumption, which not only requires more money to pay, but also intensify the waste of resources.

After an in-depth study, scientists found that washing your hair frequently is not the right thing to do, it can leave the hair follicles damaged and the hair less shiny. This conclusion is certainly a good thing for lazy people

Are you confused about how often to wash your hair to reduce damage to your hair? Next I will answer you one by one. Read on to find out!

How often is the right time to wash your hair

It depends on the individual's hair type, the environment, and the humidity of the weather. In summer, if you are outdoors, your hair is more likely to be oily, on the contrary, if you stay in an air-conditioned room, your hair will not be oily very quickly.At this time it is recommended to wash every other day.

If your hair is fine and in a high humidity environment, expert advice is once every two days, but your hair is thicker or dry so that you can go for a wash once every three days.

Washing your hair every day not only does not protect your hair, but may also cause damage to your hair. We know that the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is a natural barrier to protect the scalp, so if you wash your hair every day you will inevitably wash the oil thoroughly, leaving the scalp completely exposed and causing it to dry out.

So if you have dry hair, you can try to wash your hair once every three or four days, using the essential oils produced by the scalp to recuperate the hair

Of course, if the hair is greasy in the process, you should immediately to wash  for hygiene

If you are wearing a wig? How often should you wash your hair? The answer is that different materials and types determine the frequency of washing hair. But most experts recommend washing your hair every 7 to 10 days.

So the frequency of washing hair is not a clear rule, but we still need to always pay attention to the hair oil situation, you have to immediately go to wash when it is too oily.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients in Your Shampoo

Shampoo ingredients also have a great impact on the hair, we need to get into the habit of reading the ingredients list of the product before buying .

Try to choose a shampoo with less additives and more natural ingredients, which will not only reduce the damage to the hair, but also play a role in the protect the hair

Chemicals containing alcohol, sulfates, and PEG can cause irreversible damage to the moisture and oils in your hair, making your hair look dull and lifeless.

Hair moisturizing can be maintained with jojoba oil and olive oil. Jojoba oil and olive oil can improve hair problems caused by environmental or own problems, it can quickly penetrate into the scalp and hair, loosen the sebum that becomes hard due to the blockage of hair follicles, so that the hair and scalp can be cleaned, and at the same time make the hair sufficiently lock moisture, restore softness, smoothness and shine.


Choosing the wrong shampoo or washing hair frequently will take away the moisture from the scalp and hair, harming the oil on the surface of the scalp, leading to lack of shine, split ends, frizz and other conditions.

However, if you wash your hair less often, your hair will smell bad because of the increased amount of oil.

It is important to find a balance in hair washing according to your hair type and environment.

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