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Hair extension type suitable for wedding

  We have all been there, searching wedding hair on Google and Pinterest, and saving one picture after another of beautiful bride's hair. Sometimes, however, there are such hidden worries;...


We have all been there, searching wedding hair on Google and Pinterest, and saving one picture after another of beautiful bride's hair. Sometimes, however, there are such hidden worries; Do I have enough hair to do this look?
Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our hair won't grow as long or as thick as we want--that's what hair extension is for! With so many lengths and methods available, there will be a perfect method for your bride's hair. We are here to tell you everything you need. Learn about hair extension before your big day.

How does hair extensions help the bride's hairstyle?

The bride's hairstyle is usually a complicated and voluminous masterpiece. Whether you want long soft straight hair or elegant short hair should not affect your choice of wedding hairstyle. Your hairdresser will agree that increasing hair extensions will give you more choices and help create this choice to walk down the aisle. They increase the volume and length, which means that any hairstyle is possible! We will explain each potential hair extension method and which hairstyle is most suitable.


Clip in Hair Extensions

Our clip hair extensions are all 100% real hair, which means they are very soft. Clip in expansion is one of the most popular methods for brides and bridesmaids. Designed to immediately increase the thickness and length, they are easy application and style. This is a temporary style, very suitable for one-off occasions; However, you must remove them at the end of the day, so make sure you ask your stylist how to do it. The advantage of this method is that they are only placed where you need them; For example, if your bun is very low, place the weft at the hair root to get most of the thickness of the area. This means that you don't always have to wear a complete head or a set of extensions.


Micro Ring Hair Extensions

As known about Stick Tip Extensions, micro ring hair extension is another excellent choice for the bride. They are a "permanent" method of hair extensions, which means that they don't have to be used and removed every day. On the contrary, once installed, they can last for 3-6 months. Once applied, they wear, shape and wash with your hair-after a few days, you will forget that this is not your natural hair! They are used by inserting an extension into a small copper tube, and then clamping it flat on your hair. The advantage of using fitted method is that you can combine more tones to create a natural blend-the hairdresser can match every high light or low light on your hair.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are an excellent way to increase texture and length, especially for people with thin hair. Once applied, these extended designs mimic the appearance of hair roots. They can be applied quickly while still achieving the maximum effect. They are formed by clamping two tapes together-which means that you will need less tapes, but you can still reach the same thickness as the whole clip ins or micro ring hair extension. These hair bundles are very low-key and easy to tie up, which is very suitable for hair styles with upturned or half-top-bottom.


Which hair extension suits you best depends entirely on the hairstyle you choose. We suggest that you consult your stylist first, or contact our customer service team members, who will be happy to give you advice.
If you have sensitive scalp, personal preference is also a big factor-it may be easier to control hair extension with tape hair extensions. Or, if you only want hair extensions during the day, clip in hair extensions may be a better investment, because you can take them off at night and save them for another special occasion.
Fitted hair extension is an investment, so it needs regular maintenance and thorough daily care. If you are not used to doing your hair often, it is worth considering.
If you choose the right method, we suggest that you fix your hair and hair 1-2 weeks before the wedding. This allows you to wash your hair, fix it, and let the hair stylist see if it needs to be adjusted or moved in advance.

Please contact us if you need color matching help or find a famous stylist. Our email: service@youngsee.shop



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