Cost Less Than $1 Per Day-Virgin Hair Extensions

Why Choose Virgin Hair Extension?

Yes. The price of Virgin Hair is higher than that of Remy Hair, but the service life of Virgin Hair is at least twice that of Remy Hair. So judging from the daily cost, the daily cost of Virgin Hair is less than $1 and this is far lower than the cost of Remy Hair.
If you don’t believe it, you can look at the table below. We use data to prove it to you


Remy Hair

Virgin Hair

Tape in 16 inch 50G




6-8 weeks

24-48 weeks

Average cost per day



Through this table, we can clearly see that the daily cost of Virgin Hair is much lower than that of Remy Hair. Think about it for less than a dollar a day and you can enjoy the highest quality hair on the market. And the benefits of braided hair are more than that.

The other benefits about Virgin Hair:

  1. The raw material comes from one person
  2. Most of the cuticle is preserved and looks more natural
  3. The direction of cuticle is the same, and the hair is not easy to knot
  4. Buy our Virgin Hair products to enjoy better customer service. SEE MORE

Take a look at what people think about our Virgin Hair: Our Review

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