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All you need to know about topper hair extensions.

  We all konw that the quality of hair topper can make or break a look, shopping for hair toppers  is a massive decision. In this blog post, we will...


We all konw that the quality of hair topper can make or break a look, shopping for hair toppers  is a massive decision. In this blog post, we will give you a detailed guide on how to choose the right Topper for you and how to wear the topper properly. Discuss the secrets of beauty with you. Discover beauty with you and find your own style.

What is a Hair Topper?

A hair topper, sometimes konwn as a half wig or top piece, is a hairpiece that uauslly only covers the top portion of the head. A hair topper can vary in size depending on the coverage you need. A hair topper is similar to a wig, just smaller and is used to disguise hair loss and is suitable for both men and women. Topper is a perfect solution to thinning hair for women. It refers to a clip-on wig intended to conceal balding or thinning spots by blending in with your natural style and color.


How to choose your first hair topper?

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Step 1: Measure your hair loss

It's up to you to choose the hair length that best suits your preferences. But a more rational way is to find the area of hair loss or the amount of coverage needed. If your hair is particularly thin, you might want to use longer hair toppers with thicker tops.

Tips: You can cut most hair toppers just like you can real hair, so if you're unsure, it's safest to choose a larger size.

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Step 2: Choose Material

You have two options for strand: synthetic or real human hair. Synthetic fiber is produced using artificial products while the latter is made of real human hair(often donated).

Synthetic fiber is cheaper and easier to maintain, but it rarely looks as realistic. In the long run, we recommend you use real human hair, which can blend better with your own hair, and offer more versatility when it comes to styling, too.

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Step 3: Match

The last but important thing is to find the right color, which means the color closely resembles the color of your natural hair. If you can't seem to find one that matches your hair, you can opt to bleach or dye your wig to adjust the tone.

How to apply for a Hair Topper?

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Step 1:Open the clips and tease your real hair in the thinning areas

Open all the clips on the underside of the wig and lightly tease your bio hair in the ares where the topper clips will be attached to get a more secure hold. The clips are silicone or metal snap-in.

Step 2:Place the extensions

Now, align the topper over your hair loss area by pulling the topper up to the front hairline and secure the clips. You can use a lace front topper in order to your hairline is seamless and unnoticeable.

Step 3 :Secure The Clips

Light pressure over the top of the hairpiece to hold all the clips. If you have hair loss back from your natural hairline, you can pull the hairpiece back and allow your natural hairline to show.

If you have other questions about the choice of hair topper, please contact us, we will work with professional hairdressers and designers to give you the most scientific solution. Hope to receive your question.


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