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All you need to know about Flat Tip hair extensions

What is Flat tip hair extensions? Flat tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a Flat and is applied to the hair by heating up and cooling down,...

What is Flat tip hair extensions?

Flat tip is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a Flat and is applied to the hair by heating up and cooling down, it is also called Fusion hair extensions. Flat Tip hair extensions are long term hair extensions that wear day and night for several months.

What type of Flat tip hair extensions are there?

Flat tip hair extensions is divided into virgin flat tip hair extensions and remy flat tip hair extensions. The specification for remy nail hair extensions is 50g, and the specification for virgin nail hair extensions is 25g.Here are a few hot sales from Youngsee stores.



How to wear?

Step 1: Separate the hair into two parts.

Step 2: Insert separator at root to protect your scalp,pull hair through hole of separator.

Step 3: With deticated receiver melt glue head with hair,then fix 5 seconds,melted the plastic head completely.

Step 4: Roll the glue between your fingers till the glue becomes cylindrical securing the extension in place.

Step 5: Repeat until you have achieved the desire result.

TIPS: If you are unsure about doing this process at home ,we highly recommened you go to a professional salon to do it.

Kindly reminds:

1. Because they are installed strand by strand, Flat-Tip offers 360 degrees of 
natural movement. Their flat connection point lays flush with the head, so 
extensions are virtually imperceptible.
2. The keratin tip is heated in order to soften it and attach it to your own hair.
3. Flat Tip Hair Extensions are shaped this way to form a tight and complete 
seal and make the attachment process quicker.

How to wash and protect our extensions?

1. Brushing

Get an extension brush. This is vital, you will literally rip your head of hair out if you try and brush them continuously with a normal brush, so seriously get one, they are only about $15 and worth every cent.

2. Roots

This is brushing continued you could say - because it is hella important to never brush your roots. Why? Because this is where your extensions are bonded to your head and you will damage them and potentially pull them out if you brush them. Instead, finger your hands through the roots to keep them from tangling and then hold your hair in a fist just under your ear and then brush the ends. By holding your hair you are taking pressure off the bonds, therefore, keeping them tight.

3. Shampoo

Choose a natural or extension friendly shampoo. Stay away from any shampoo with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) as this often damages and corrodes the bonds.

4. Washing

When in the shower, turn the temperature to cold just before you get out and give your hair a blast of the cold shower, this will help keep your bonds once again nice and tight and close your pores too. NEVER wash your hair over the bath as all the bonds will tangle. Always wash your hair standing up.Wash the hair with mild conditioning and shampoo in warm water, 2-3 times every week.

5. Conditioner

Never condition the roots as you'll cause the bonds to unravel over time, instead, the condition only the ends, this is all you need anyways.

6. Drying

Always fully dry your bonds, you can leave the ends dry naturally if you want, but it is very important to keep the roots bone dry. Another tip is to put your hair dryer on the cold setting, as it is once again, you guessed it, better for the bonds.

7. At night

When sleeping, a very good tip I learned is to plait your hair before you go to bed, not only does this give your hair a fab beachy wave when you wake up, but it also keeps your hair from tangling. Success.

8.Store Your Extensions

When you’re not wearing your luxuries, store them away properly. L for P sells cute storage bags that can be hung in your closet. This will protect the hair from tangling up or getting mixed up with your belongings. The storage bag is also great for traveling.

9. Hair spray or styling

Hairspray is OK, just remember to properly wash it out the next day!

The temperature during the crimping or straightening process needs to be lower than 180℃

10. Itching

When you get a new set of extensions, especially your first set ever, it is normal for them to feel a little itchy. Often it's just your head getting used to them and sometimes it could be because you need to give them a wash. Obviously, if itching persists, go to your hair technician but usually, it is normal!


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