With great platinum, comes great responsibility.

It takes to have a head of bright, shiny, platinum hair, and the immense responsibility and dedication it requires. As they say: with great platinum, comes great responsibility.

01: Consult Your Colorist Often

For anyone considering going platinum, or anyone in the throes of an unhealthy platinum relationship, I present to you my biggest learnings, along with some tips from the experts.

You need to upkeep your hair often. You can‘t let your roots grow out to past the top of your ear lobes once you’re platinum, and not just because the top of your head will resemble a skunk. Once you’re platinum, you’ll need to go back to the salon every four to six weeks to touch-up your roots, depending on how fast your hair grows. A professional hairstylist can assess the situation and give you the best advice and treatment needed.

02: Watch for Signs of Banding

Frequent visits to the salon aren't isnt just for aesthetic reasons, it’s also to help avoid something called banding. Your scalp generally produces heat at half an inch (each person varies) and if you go past that, it causes the hair to lift unevenly, which creates a band. To fix the banding, you have to overlap already lightened hair, which can lead to damage and breaking.

03: Be Patient

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The first initial platinum appointment will often come with a hefty price tag, since it’s so time-consuming. If you has previously colored your hair or had any type of chemical service, going platinum will take time and can add up in cost. This is all something that should be discussed with your colorist during the consultation. But it’s not just the first appointment that can give you sticker shock—you’ll need to factor in your monthly root touch-ups, too, which can range from upwards of a $100 each time, not including tip or any additional costs your salon might charge you for (like the post-touchup blowout). That can equal to thousands of dollars each year, so it’s definitely not a decision to take lightly. 

04: Be Gentle

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Bleached hair is like silk—you have to treat it with supreme care, or else you’ll ruin it. Using a purple shampoo and deep conditioning mask may be not enough to keep your hair looking silky and hydrated . You can add an oil or deep conditioning treatment before shampooing and allowing it to sink in for a few hours, or even overnight, made the biggest difference. Also, switching over to a silk pillowcase would also helpful for you. Remember, avoid tight ponytails, avoid putting your hair up when its wet, and use products made for keeping moisture and protein in the hair.

05: The Use of Protein

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Your hair may fall off if you overdo it with an protein treatment. Your hair needs moisture and protein, so it’s all about finding the right balance. If you overdo it on moisturizing products, your hair can feeling stringy and heavy. If you overdo it on protein, your hair can actually harden and break off—this is especially susceptible when your hair is platinum.