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Which is Better Choice For You-Nano Ring Hair Extensions and I Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip Hair Extensions ; Long, luscious hair – we all dream of it! The decision of which type of method works best for you is key to getting the hair...

I-Tip Hair Extensions ; Long, luscious hair – we all dream of it! The decision of which type of method works best for you is key to getting the hair of your dreams. Nano rings and I-tip hair extensions are growing in popularity, but what’s the difference? Be sure to read this article to learn the key differences between the two get a better idea which works best for you!

What are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

nano ring hair extensions

Nano ring Hair Extensions are an innovative, heat-free way to secure hair extensions.The hair extension strands that are attached using nano rings are known as nano tip hair. This hair has a strong keratin tip which secures a fine metal loop which is squeezed closed to form a strong tip that is inserted into the ring before being clamped with pliers. An alternative tip material is a plastic tip. If you have thin hair, nano ring extensions are your perfect match; this is because standard micro rings may be visible within fine or thin hair. With nano ring hair extensions, you may only need about a half head of hair even if you have very fine hair, and they will still remain virtually invisible.

This method of application is expected to last 3-4 months with recommended maintenance every 8 weeks. Because of their size, nano rings can only be fitted with hair extensions with a nano tip, allowing the extension to blend well with your natural hair due to the discreet size of the ring, regardless of hair colour and texture.

What are I-tip Hair Extensions?

I Tip hair extensions

Similar to nano rings, I-tip [hair extensions] are a cold fusion method that does not require any heat. The I-tip fitting method uses a metal ring lined with silicone to fit the extension in, securely clamping shut once done.

I-tip hair extensions are expected to last around 3 months with recommended maintenance every 8 weeks. Like nano ring hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions blend well because of their single strand application.

What are the Main Differences?

The key difference between nano rings and I-tip hair extensions is the size of the metal ring used to fit the extensions, with nano rings being 90% smaller in size compared to [I-tip hair extensions]. This allows you to more easily achieve a discreet, natural look regardless of hair texture with the former of the two. Another key difference is that nano rings cannot be refitted once applied. Because of their small size, stylists will look to replace the extension entirely, unlike I-tip extensions which can be easily readjusted during maintenance.

Which will work best for you?

Both methods are effective and guarantee a seamless result, but which option you should go for ultimately is determined your hair type, your hair goals and what exactly it is you’re after.

Do you have thin hair and therefore are looking to hide your extensions as well as possible? Are you looking for something that requires less maintenance? Nano rings will work best for you!

Do you have medium-to-thick hair? Are you after a natural, yet cost effective option? I-tip extensions is the better option for you!

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