Tips For Applying Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions can be a wonderful addition to almost any hairstyle. it's important to know a few key tricks to make sure your hair extensions look natural and don't slip out. 

Now, where should you start?


*TIP 1

Start putting clip-in hair extensions on the neck with horizontal sections. The neck is about an inch above the back of the hairline.

*TIP 2

Choose the track that is wide enough to fit over your section, but not too wide where it protrudes.

*TIP 3

Always draw the base of the section where you are attaching a clip. If you have naturally silky or slippery hair, it is important to hold a bit of strong hairspray in every area you tease. Be sure to let the hairspray dry completely before attaching the clips!

*TIP 4

When teasing each section, it's important to show exactly where your clips are going. So if you have 4 clips along the route (photo below) you need to pull the 4 areas of your own hair where the clips will be attached.

*TIP 5

Before proceeding to the next line, check your clips to make sure they are safe.

*TIP 6

If you move your head up and continue using the tracks, it is important to distribute each row appropriately. There should be no less than 1/2 inch separation of the tracks as there must be enough of your own hair to tease and fasten the next row. Don't separate them more than 1 inch because the end product will look less natural in the end.

*TIP 7

After placing enough traces in the back of your head, you can add the small to medium-sized traces to the sides of your head. Be sure to leave 1/2 inch to 1 inch of space along your hairline. If you place the clips too close to your hairline, your hair extensions will be easy to spot, especially if it's a windy day! Depending on how thick or thin your natural hair is, you may need to experiment with placement.

*TIP 8

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see when using hair extensions is that the splint is turned upside down. If you look at the photo below you can see where the hair extension bar is located. Do not do that. Although there is enough natural hair to ride this route, there is still a high risk that the route will be exposed all day. As a rule, it's best not to place any marks higher than your eyebrows unless you naturally have thick/dense hair or you plan to tease the crown area of your head after applying all of your hair extensions.

*TIP 9

When you've applied all of your tracks (sometimes you don't have to use ALL of them), gently stroke your entire hair. This will help you determine that there are loose clips that you may need to adjust, and it will also help mix the hair extensions with your own hair.

Speaking of curling, it doesn't matter whether you curl your hair before or after applying for the extensions. But although my hair and extensions were pre-rolled in this post, I prefer to curl up after applying all of my hair. This usually creates a more uniform, dazzling look.

I think we can all agree that we want full, glamorous, natural-looking hair. So, make sure you invest in thick, 100% human hair extensions. Another reason to buy 100% human hair extensions is that if you go with the cheaper option and buy synthetic hair you may not be able to curl them. 


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