Clip in Hair Extensions Virgin Hair 3pcs Ash Blonde with Bleach Blonde#18/613

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HAIR TYPE: 100%  Real Virgin Human Hair Extension
HAIR SETTING: you can bleach, colour, perm and style as you would for your own hair.
HAIR TEXTURE: Natural straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to air dry or diffused. 

3Pieces/50Gram Per Pack

(2*10.5" weft with 4 clips

1*8" weft with 3 clips)

  • 1. Using Your Tail Comb, Part Your Hair Horizontally to Section Off Hair Between the Nape and Your Ears, Then Secure That Section With a Hair Clip to Part them away.
  • 2. Choose The Proper Size Of The Clip In Weft And Open The Clips.
  • 3. Open All Clips to Be And Place Them in The Appropriate Area And Snap Them Close to Secure Them in Place. If Desired, You Can Then Spray With Hairspray to Each Particular Area for Extra Hold But It Is Usually not Necessary.
  • 4. Continue Repeating Last Two Steps While Selecting the Best Weft to Match The Area That Fits Each Designated Section of The Hair.

  • Wash them gently - soak extensions in warm water in your bathroom sink. Use a gentle, clarifying shampoo.
  • Cover them gently - dont scrub in the shampooas you would with your natural hair. Scrubbing it in will just lead to a tangled mess.
  • Rub it down the length of the extension,and rinse thoroughly with cold, clean water.
  • Don't comb or brush extensions while they're wet.Youll risk tearing out the hair.
  • Extensions can soak up your hair's natural oil,so it's important to wash them to maintain their shape and quality. Some of the fibers may fall outif your extensions are allowed to get overly greasy.

Comb & Moisturize

  • Do not blow dry.Allow them to dry naturally before combing.
  • Once your extensions are dry, you should comb them with a wide- tooth comb to smooth them out and remove any tangles.
  • Just like your natural hair,extensions can grow dry in the colder months,especially when you heat style them,it is important to moisturize.
  • A little leave-in conditioner should do the trick.You want to make sure not to over-moisturize,else your extensions will grow oily and flat.


    Q: Does the Hair Look Exactly Like the Picture?
    A: We can not guarantee it is 100% same with the picture, be aware of the color different. As different Monitor will show the color differently. 
    At the same time, different people has different expectation of the hair, it is hard to satisfy every one. 

     Q: Can I Dye the Hair?
    A: Yes, the hair can be dyed as it is human hair. But there is a general rule that hair can be dyed from lighter color to darker color. 
    And we suggest you to ask the professional hair stylist to dye for you, Always try a small strand of hair when you dye it.

    Q: How Long Does My Own Hair Need To Be to Use Hair Extensions?
    A: Different people have differing opinions but as a general rule we find as long as you have shoulder length hair or slightly short hair you should be okay.

    Q: How Long Do the Extensions Last?
    A: General Speaking the hair extensions can last for 3 to 6 months. And your personal care also matters the life of the extensions.
     In a word, the more you look after them the longer they will last.

    Q: Can They Be Straightened, Curled or Tongued?
    A: Yes, you can straighten and curl the hair as you like. But please be noted that the temperature should under 300 Fahrenheit.