T-Topper Hair Pieces with Clips "V" Shape Natural Top 1.5''*4.75''*4.75'' Hair Long Size Color Off Black #1b

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100% Human Hair with Clips

Base Size: 1.5''*4.75''*4.75''

Pattern: Multi-directional


Crown Tip is "V" shaped to create a natural blend with the hairline. Perfect solution for clients with visible thinning areas near or through their natural partings. Use for multi-purpose wear: Thinning, cover-up roots. volume or cover receding hairlines. 

  • Invisible, breathable sheer base like second skin.

  • Spray water lightly on parting area and blow dry, flat iron or steam to the direction you want the parting to be. 

  • For great results: Stylist should trim and cut the hair piece to create an original custom fit.