How to apply flat tip hair

 How To Apply Flat Tip Hair?

Method 1: Cold Fusion (Same application method as I Tip Hair with beads)

  1. Select a small piece of hair with a pulling needle.
  2. Put the hair through a bead.
  3. Hold the bead from the scalp.
  4. Insert the Flat Tip Hair through the bead.
  5. Flatten the bead.
  6. Finish one piece and repeat steps.
how to apply flat tip hair with cold fusion

Method 2: Hot Fusion (Same application method as U Tip Hair)

  1. Divide the hair into upper and lower layers.
  2. Place the extension at the bottom of the hair.
  3. Heat the hair with a hot iron.
  4. Heat until the glue melts to this extent.
  5. Use your fingers to blend your own hair with the extension.
  6. After installing, you can do any style or dye.
how to apply flat tip hair with hot fusion