ot selling are the most popular hair extensions in our store, and the hair types and colors that consumers usually buy the most. This category was created so that customers who are new to hair extensions can easily pick out trendy and good-looking hair extensions and reduce the risk of stepping on mines.It mainly includes tape in hair extensions and hair weft, of which the hair weft is divided into handmade hair weft, flat silk weft and ordinary hair weft.

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22% Off  Virgin Machine Weft

Virgin Machine Weft hair extensions is 100% real hair and does not contain animal hair or synthetic, so this makes this hair look more invisible and smooth, and they are incredibly easy to apply and remove, don't damage your hair, and look more natural .

22% Off Hand Tied Hair Weft

Hand tied hair Weft is one of the easiest hair extensions to style. One bundle can easily cover the entire head, plus the sew in hair extensions has the advantage of being longer lasting, lower maintenance and easier to use.

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22% Off Virgin Genius Weft

Virgin genius weft compared to remy weft production will be more time-consuming, higher precision, more solid and less likely to fall off, thin material, more invisible visual effects, so the price will be slightly more expensive $30-50 .

22% Off Flat Silk Weft

Flat silk weft combines the advantages of machine weft and hand tied weft.It is neither as bulky as the machine weft, nor as easily shedding as the hand tied weft.Overall, the Flat silk weft is more invisible and comfortable to wear than the  Weft Hair.


  •  Save time: can save a lot of selection time for people who just contact hair extensions
  •  Easy to catch the trend: Hot hair extensions are selected according to the actual purchase situation of consumers, and are the overall popular color and hair extension type.
  •  Avoid stepping on mines: it is not easy for people to buy some particularly unsatisfactory hair colors.
  • Cost savings: this category of hair extensions has a large discount (22%), compared to other categories will be more affordable.
  • Plenty of inventory: fast delivery, high demand, high sales will have a larger inventory.
  • Quality assurance: best-selling means that the consumer recognition, the quality is certainly not poor, otherwise it is difficult to keep people choose.

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