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PU Hole Flat Weft Human Hair Extensions Virgin Hair Dark Brown #4 |YoungSee

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Length: 16"
Weight (2-3 packs for a full head): 50g/1 pack

Description of PU Hole Flat Weft

Virgin PU Hole Flat Weft is a new design that is better than any method of extensions with no tension & damage.  No tape, glue, sewing, or messy removal. It allows you to target and pull hair through small holes, away from the scalp in the direction of hair growth. This leads to far less tension and little to no pressure on your hair.  You will also find far less natural shedding since the PU Hole Flat Weft offers less tension. When removing you simply open up the folded hair section, remove the bead, and find almost no hair loss.

HAIR TYPE: Virgin PU Hole Flat Weft 
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown #4
HAIR WEIGHT: 50g/pack,100-150g for a full head
HAIR LENGTH: 16"-24" 
HAIR SETTING:  Can be washed, dyed, cut, styled and curled
HAIR TEXTURE: Natural straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to air dry or diffused.
LIFESPAN: 6-12 months

Minimum 2-3 packs

Medium Hair 4-5 packs

Thick Hair 6-7 packs


Features of PU Hole Flat Weft

  • No Shedding: Less tension. When removing you simply open up the folded hair section, remove the bead, and find almost no hair loss.
  • Protect Hair & Scalp: Keep away from the scalp in the direction of hair growth to avoid tension on tender hair follicles. This leads to far less tension and little to no pressure on your hair.
  • Lightweight & Invisible: The tiny beads that secure the hair are hidden and protected in between the envelope of the hair extensions which will avoid slippage, they sit flat, very discreet.
  • Easy to Install & Remove: No tape, glue, sewing, or messy removal. Unlike hand-tied hair, you do not risk cutting or damaging the hair or the weft when removing it.

Features of PU Hole Flat Weft

PU Hole Flat Weft vs. Hand-tied Weft & Tape ins

vs. Hand Tied Weft
With most methods of hair extensions the initial install is a lot easier to deal with versus the removal and reapplication of hair extensions. Unlike hand-tied weft, you do not risk cutting or damaging the hair or the weft when removing it. You will also find far less natural shedding since the PU Hole Weft offers less tension. Once reapplied you will need to remove an exorbitant amount of shedding (due to tension), pray the wefts are in good condition before starting the re-application process.

vs. Tape ins
Tape Extensions are offered in only one size 2.75" width, albeit this size can work for normal hair, the size is generally too large for other areas of the head. More importantly, the removal and reapplication process is tedious, and the alcohol-based solution is used to remove the tape tab, then you need to remove tape residue from your hair and the actual extensions. Once this process is done, re-taping is necessary to reapply. It is all too time-consuming.

PU Hole Flat Weft
When removing you simply open up the folded hair section, remove the bead, and gently comb away far less shedding than the above mentioned methods. You can then remove & reapply your hair extensions section by section, there will be no guesswork as to where the extensions were originally placed.

PU Hole Flat Weft vs. Hand-tied Weft & Tape ins

How to Apply PU Hole Flat Weft

 How to Apply PU Hole Flat Weft

Product information

Do you know how to choose the length of hair extensions? The image below shows the before and after of wearing hair extensions and the conversion between inches and centimeters. If you don't know which size is right for you, you can refer to the picture below.

Youngsee hair extensions hair length guide

 Tips : Curled styles can look more natural to blend well when styling it, control the temperature at 320°F-390°F.

Add volume to your hair in minutes

How to choose hair length



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How to care hair extensions


1. Brushing

Get an extension brush. This is vital, you will literally rip your head of hair out if you try and brush them continuously with a normal brush, so seriously get one, they are only about $15 and worth every cent.

2. Roots

This is brushing continued you could say - because it is hella important to never brush your roots. Why? Because this is where your extensions are bonded to your head and you will damage them and potentially pull them out if you brush them. Instead, finger your hands through the roots to keep them from tangling and then hold your hair in a fist just under your ear and then brush the ends. By holding your hair you are taking pressure off the bonds, therefore, keeping them tight.

how to brush your hair extensions

3. Shampoo

Choose a natural or extension friendly shampoo. Stay away from any shampoo with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) as this often damages and corrodes the bonds.

4. Washing

When in the shower, turn the temperature to cold just before you get out and give your hair a blast of the cold shower, this will help keep your bonds once again nice and tight and close your pores too. *NEVER wash your hair over the bath as all the bonds will tangle. Always wash your hair standing up.Wash the hair with mild conditioning and shampoo in warm water, 2-3 times every week.

Washing hair extensions tips

Washing hair tips: 1.Run a comb through your hair before washing 2.Be careful not to rub or twist your hair 3.Apply conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo


5. Drying

Always fully dry your bonds, you can leave the ends dry naturally if you want, but it is very important to keep the roots bone dry. Another tip is to put your hair dryer on the cold setting, as it is once again, you guessed it, better for the bonds.

How to dry your hair extensions

6. At night

When sleeping, a very good tip I learned is to plait your hair before you go to bed, not only does this give your hair a fab beachy wave when you wake up, but it also keeps your hair from tangling. Success.

can I sleep with hair extensions?

8.Store Your Extensions

When you’re not wearing your luxuries, store them away properly. L for P sells cute storage bags that can be hung in your closet. This will protect the hair from tangling up or getting mixed up with your belongings. The storage bag is also great for traveling.

Youngsee hair care tips dust proof bag

9. Hair spray or styling

Hairspray is OK, just remember to properly wash it out the next day!

The temperature during the crimping or straightening process needs to be lower than 180℃.

can i style my hair extensions?

10. Itching

When you get a new set of extensions, especially your first set ever, it is normal for them to feel a little itchy. Often it's just your head getting used to them and sometimes it could be because you need to give them a wash. Obviously, if itching persists, go to your hair technician but usually, it is normal!

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Why choose Virgin Hair?
what is virgin hair


What is Virgin Hair?

  • Virgin hair is directly taken from the human head and does not undergo any chemical alteration or cleansing process. It has to be 100% pure.
  • It cannot have gone through any kind of chemical processing, so when you purchase this hair, it has not been permed, bleached, blow-dried, gone through any other chemical processing.
  • It's from one single donor, so each bundle you buy should be from the same donors(the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). This has not been exposed to any kinds of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running in the same direction.

high quality virgin hair


    Virgin Hair VS. Remy Hair

    With the popularity of hair extensions, hair-receiving enthusiasts have more choices. There are many different types of hair extensions in the market today, so what is best for you? What is the difference between different hair extensions and what is virgin hair? Why is virgin hair so popular? Next, let’s understand the difference between virgin hair and remy hair.
    The difference between remy hair and virgin hair
    Youngsee virgin hair VS Regular Human hair


    Virgin Hair Collections


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    virgin i tip hair

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     injection tape ins


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    Find your Perfect Shade

    1. Take some photos of your own hair. Photos must be without filters, avoid taking pictures in direct sunlight. It's good to have a back view of your hair and make sure it's down.
    2. Send us the picture and wait for our customer service to reply you your color matching as soon as possible! (email:

    youngsee hair multiple color options

    Notes before ordering

    There are some tips that you should know before placing an order, please refer to the picture below. If you have more questions, please click the picture to learn more.

    Notes Before Ordering

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